A call to Integrate Food Systems Approach to the UNFCCC at COP28

Climate change poses a global challenge that necessitates the concerted efforts of each individual. The efforts should be directed toward enhancing community resilience while simultaneously curbing greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts must adhere to Human Rights principles and the principle of “Do No Harm.” To address these issues, global discussions, such as the upcoming COP28, become crucial. The forthcoming talks at COP28 should prioritize sustainability for the well-being of our planet and future generations.

An essential consideration in these discussions and negotiation outcomes is the integration of a food systems approach. This is crucial because food and agriculture play a pivotal role in fortifying communities against climate challenges while contributing to a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions. The Africa Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development has collaboratively advocated for this perspective by signing a letter with like-minded organizations. The letter calls upon parties to incorporate a food systems approach within the framework of the UNFCCC at COP28. The outlined objectives of this call include:

1. Integrating a holistic approach to food systems within the Sharm el-Sheikh Joint Work on Implementation of Climate Action on Agriculture and Food Security (SSJW).
2. Inclusion of food systems actions into National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), National Determined Contribution (NDCs), and Long-term Strategies before COP30.

In the call, the stakeholders call for actions to be established through inclusive and participatory governance and account for the interfaces between food systems and human rights, gender equality, and livelihoods.

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