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Africa Centre For Sustainable and Inclusive Development
About the Organization

Africa Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development (Africa CSID)

is an African NGO, registered in Kenya, working with the marginalized communities in Africa. Informed by the organization’s mandate, marginalization is defined by two interrelated parameters namely geographical and population context of marginalization. The geographical context of marginalization is defined by country-specific categorization of hardship areas. The population context is defined using global indices and parameters that define different groups as marginalized or vulnerable. 

The organization works on three areas; Peace and Conflict Transformation, Economic Empowerment, and Climate Change with governance and gender-responsive solutions as enablers and overarching actions in undertaking these three components. Africa CSID’s work is underpinned by three interlinked approaches to work namely voice, capacity and influence with all interventions focusing on amplifying the voices of the marginalized communities, actions to strengthen local capacities and effecting change through policy influence at local, national and continental levels. 


Development actions that protect current and future generations


Advocate for development that puts into consideration specific needs and interests of the marginalized communities without compromising the needs of the future generations in Africa.