Advancing Gender-Responsive Approach to Climate Action and Conflict Transformation in Building Climate Resilience in Africa


The Africa Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development (Africa CSID) and African Council of Religious Leaders – Religions for Peace (ACRL-RfP), will in collaboration with Bread for the World, International Alert, KAIROS, Lake Region Empowerment Network and ICCASA, hold an auxiliary Africa Climate Sumit (ACS) session leading up to an ACS side event, which will take place at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) on September 5th, 2023 from 10.00am to 11.00am at the First Lady’s Pavilion, KICC. The event seeks to address the pressing issue of climate-induced conflict and its disproportionate impact on marginalized groups within Africa, while using gender lens. It centers on the interconnectedness of climate change, conflict, and gender dynamics; highlighting the urgent need to address climate risks that fuel conflict. It aims to emphasize gender considerations during climate-induced conflicts and subsequent peacebuilding endeavors.

Recognizing the complexity of climate-induced conflict, the event promotes a multisectoral approach with stakeholders from within and across states, hence aims to promote sustainable peace transformation and climate resilience. This approach also facilitates effective reporting of Climate Action. The event highlights the significance of a coordinated framework that harmonizes institutional mandates, encourages collaboration, and harnesses synergies for maximum impact.




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