Integrating Gender-Responsive Strategies and Faith-based Principles into Conflict Transformation for Climate Resilience in Africa

Panel Discussion at the First Ladies’ Pavilion

The Africa Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development will host a side event at the First Lady’s Pavilion, during the upcoming Africa Climate Summit and Africa Climate Week. The side event will contribute towards enhancing participation of women and other marginalized groups in environmental leadership and decision making leading to positive conflict transformation and climate resilience in Africa. The event aims to emphasize the pivotal role of women in driving environmental restoration efforts as a means to foster conflict transformation while promoting sustainable livelihoods, economic prosperity, and community health within the marginalized communities in Africa, which faces climatic vulnerabilities and risks. This event will highlight the vital contributions of women in driving environmental restoration efforts in Africa. It will center on the significance of gender during climate-induced conflict and subsequent peacebuilding efforts within marginalized communities in Africa. The event will amplify the voices of women from marginalized communities and their critical role in addressing climate-induced conflict to enhance climate resilience within these communities.

During the side event, expert panelists will delve into the correlation between climate change and conflict, examining the roles of different gender groups in exacerbating conflict triggered by droughts. They will also share success stories in peacebuilding efforts in climate induced conflict based on gender-inclusive strategies. Through topical panel discussions and an interactive Q&A session, attendees will gain valuable insights into transforming climate resilience actions within marginalized communities in Africa. The event will explore how addressing climatic drivers of conflict through a gender-responsive approach can drive positive change and foster a more sustainable and equitable future. Moreover, the side event will delve into the need for climate security focused climate financing and its impact in building a climate resilient Africa. The event seeks to bring together experts, advocates, policymakers, and community leaders to examine the complex relationship between climate change and conflict through a gender lens. The event will feature panel discussions, interactive sessions, and a platform for knowledge exchange among stakeholders.


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